Trek STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

21 Ways Star Trek Predicted the Future
3-D Printer Creates First Object in Space on International Space Station
Agra dax - Ground Beetle
Annuntidiogenes worfi - Hermit Crab
Becca Caddy - The Science of Star Trek (The Companion)
Chinese Scientists Successfully Teleported a Particle to Space
Conus Tribblei - Sea Snail
Coptoborus Uhura - Ragweed Beetle
Ledella spocki - Mollusk
Meenopius roddenberryi - Cave-dwelling Bug
Paul Stamets - How Mushrooms can Save the World
Phanuromyia odo - Wasp
Scientists Finally Figure Out Why the Water Bear is Indestructible
SIU research team aims to move food replication from science fiction to reality
Tylototriton anguliceps - Klingon Newt
Xenaroswelliana DeltaQuadrant - Ground Beetle
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