Trek Finds in Arizona

I recently took a road trip to Arizona. I planned my route so I could snap photos of places on my star trek vacation list. I traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Tucson, Las Vegas, Tonopah (ET highway), Redding, then back to Portland.

If you are ever in Tucson, don’t miss the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley. This was one filming location for the movie Star Trek: First Contact. The titan missile and its silo stood in as the rocket and silo for the first warp ship, the Phoenix. The museum has some memorabilia from the filming on display.

Trek Find at the Street Fair

While I was staying in Tucson with my family, they kindly took me to see the local sights. On the first weekend we strolled along a street fair in downtown Tucson. At the street fair I found this wonderful Star Trek clock. It is laser cut from an LP record and has a great profile. Currently, it is hanging on the wall in my office.

Trek Find at the Arizona Renaissance Fair

On another weekend, my family took me to the Arizona Renaissance Faire situated between Phoenix and Tucson. This is a permanent fair site but it is only open during the months of February and March. At the fair, we found these amazing leather flagons with Star Trek delta shield embellishments. They were created by Boar’s Head Leather LLC – ( These are truly remarkable pieces of leather work.

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