VOY: S6 E17 Spirit Folk

This episode used Paramount's Little Europe backlot. See Ex Atris Scientia for maps.
The Irish town of Fair Haven can be seen in two Voyager episodes, "Fair Haven" and "Spirit Folk". In both episodes Fair Haven is said to be located in County Clare in Ireland. Fair Haven is small but it has a train station, which may further narrow down the town's location, considering that the railway network in the western part of Ireland is rather sparse. The sign on the train station also gives us the Gaelic name of Fair Haven: "Cuan Soineanta" (of which, unsurprisingly, the English translation is "Fair Haven"). Just as in the case of Sainte Claire, the Fair Haven holo-program may have been laid out intentionally not to depict a real but rather a generic Irish town. See Ex Astris Scientia for fictional places.

Filming Locations

Universal Studio’s Little Europe Set – Universal City, CA
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