VOY: S5 E23 11:59

In this episode Paramount Studio's New York City Streets backlot was used to depict Portage Creek, Indiana. See Ex Astris Scientia for maps.
The town Portage Creek in Indiana is the site of the Millennium Gate, the first self-contained ecosystem to be constructed on Earth. Construction of the Millennium Gate started soon after December 31, 2000 when Henry Janeway was the last inhabitant to give up his resistance against the project. The building was dedicated in 2012. In the course of the construction the whole town was likely demolished. There is a town named Portage on Lake Michigan in Indiana, but none named Portage Creek. Most likely a non-existing town was chosen on purpose, because it would cease to exist in the Star Trek Universe. Since the Millennium Gate doesn't exist in reality either, the non-existence of Portage Creek is not really a continuity issue. Portage Creek, however, is a real place in Alaska. See Ex Astris Scientia for fictional places.

Filming Locations

Paramount New York City Streets – Los Angeles, CA
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