VOY: S4 E18-19 Killing Game I, II

For this episode, the Little Europe backlot was used. The set was transformed into a fictional town in northern France named "Sainte Claire" in the timeframe of 1944. See Ex Astris Scientia for maps.
The Hirogen chose Sainte Claire, a fictional town in France, for their holodeck scenario in which the crew of Voyager take the roles of the French Resistance, fighting Nazis and Hirogen during the advance of the allied forces in 1944. The holodeck scenario about Sainte Claire may originally have been an educational program and was intentionally set in a generic French town that doesn't really exist, in order to allow some artistic license in the depiction of the place and of the events. See Ex Astris Scientia for fictional places.

Filming Locations

Universal Studio’s Little Europe Set – Universal City, CA
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