TNG: S4 E2 Family

This episode was filmed at a private residence on Ventura Blvd in Encino, California. The residence stood in as the Picard family home in Labarre, France. The vineyard scenes were filmed at a private dryland vineyard near Lancaster in the southeast of Edwards Air Force Base in Palmdale, California.
La Barre (or: Labarre) is Jean-Luc Picard's home village in France. All episodes include footage that was filmed in different Californian vineyards, so the landscape doesn't look quite as it should in France. Still, the depiction of La Barre in Star Trek is overall relatively consistent. Most likely La Barre initially wasn't meant to be a specific French village, although the name may be similar to actual place names on a map. There are several places named "Labarre" or "La Barre" (the bar) in France. See Ex Astris Scientia for fictional places.

Filming Locations

Winery near Lancaster, CA
Private Residence on Ventura Ave – Encino, CA
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