Star Trek VIII: First Contact

This movie was filmed at three different locations. (1) The scenes inside the missile complex that housed Cochrane's warp-capable ship, the Phoenix, were filmed in four days at the Titan Missile Museum in Green Valley, Arizona. A real Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile (with its nose cone slightly adapted) stood in for the Phoenix. The museum includes some memorabilia from the filming. (2) The Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles, including Charlton Flats, stood in for the village scenes from 'Bozeman, Montana'. The village consisted of fourteen huts. The crew shot these scenes in two weeks at nighttime and included dozens of extras. (3) An art deco restaurant in LA's Union Station portrayed the Dixon Hill holodeck program dance hall. It was filled with ten musicians, fifteen stunt performers, and 120 background performers.
After Picard has made up his mind in "Star Trek: First Contact", he activates the ship's auto-destruct sequence in order to destroy the Borg. As Picard, Crusher and Worf confirm the auto-destruct one by one, a map of Earth with several highlighted spots appears on a screen. We can see how the display zooms in to the "Landing Target" of the escape pods on Gravett Island, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Picard then says "See you on Gravett Island", confirming that this is the place the crew of the Enterprise is being evacuated to. Gravett Island doesn't exist in reality. It was named for Jacques Gravett, assistant to Ron D. Moore. See Ex Astris Scientia for Fictional Places.

Filming Locations

Charlton Flat, Angeles National Forest – Palmdale, CA
Art Deco Restaurant at Union Station – Los Angeles, CA
Titan Missile Museum – Green Valley, AZ
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