Star Trek VII: Generations

This movie was filmed in seven different locations. (1) The first scenes of the crew aboard the holographic brig USS Enterprise were filmed aboard the Lady Washington a few miles offshore of Marina del Rey, Los Angeles. These scenes were filmed in five days and the anchors were dropped before sunup. (2) The Silica Dome in the Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, Nevada portrayed Veridian III, as well as the final scenes of the showdown. (3) The place where Captain Kirk and Captain Picard first met was filmed at the Hart Flat Road in Keene, Kern County, in central California; the owner received a new kitchen and staircase built for the movie. (4) The wide-shot horse riding scenes with Kirk and Picard were filmed at William Shatner's own farm in the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, Inyo County, and included Shatner's own horses. (5) The barn and horse jump of Shatner and Stewart was filmed at the ranch of late actor Noah Beery, Jr. (6) There were two weeks of shooting in the Big Bear Mountain range in Los Angeles. (7) Jean-Luc Picard's Dickensian Christmas fantasy in the Nexus was filmed at an elegant private mansion in Pasadena.

Filming Locations

Big Bear Mountain – Big Bear, CA
Noah Beery Jr’s Ranch – Tehachapi, CA
Alabama Hills – Lone Pine , CA
Picard’s Nexus House – Pasadena, CA
House on Hart Flat Road – Keene, CA
Lady Washington Tall Ship – Aberdeen, WA
Valley of Fire State Park – Overton, NV
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