Star Trek: The Motion Picture

The Minerva Terrace at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming stood in for the planet Vulcan. The Paramount B Tank also served as a location for the Vulcan scenes. In 1979 Geoff Mandel and Doug Drexler bullshitted their way onto the Paramount backlot. Referencing the photo, "26 year-old Doug Drexler on the TMP planet Vulcan set in the Paramount tank. I’m standing next to the practical foot of the colossal Vulcan Master statue. In the picture it would be incorporated into a matte painting. I don’t know about you, but when I saw that sequence in the film, I couldn’t make head nor tail of what I was looking at. It was something that would get fixed in the director's cut many years later."'

Filming Locations

Minerva Terrace at Yellowstone National Park – WY
Paramount B (Blue Sky) Tank – Los Angeles, CA
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