Star Trek IX: Insurrection

This movie was filmed at six locations: (1) The wood and field scenes were filmed on the Ventura Farms near Thousand Oaks. The scene between Anij and Captain Picard when she stopped time, was filmed at Ventura Farms. This shooting also included helicopter shots of the green area which were cut from the final movie. (2) The idyllic Ba'ku colony was built at Lake Sherwood, Westlake Village, near Thousand Oaks. This was the largest outdoor set ever planned for a Star Trek movie. (3) The scenes on the Ba'ku lake where the holoship was placed were filmed at the San Gabriel Dam, Asuza, Los Angeles county. Additional scenes were filmed in Bishop, Inyo County. (4) Data's steps into the water toward the holoship were filmed at Convict Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Mono County in the Sierra Nevadas. (5) Several scenes along the trail of the Ba'ku and the fights with the Son'a on the mountains were filmed at Mammoth Mountain, Lake Sabrina, and the town Mammoth Lakes, Mono County in California. The Ba'ku mountain refuge was filmed at an inaccessible mountaintop, the cast and crew gained access using a helicopter. (6) The close-ups of Picard, Anij, and Data, after their jumps into the water, were filmed in Paramount's B Tank, a floodable parking lot at Paramount Pictures.

Filming Locations

Mammoth Mountain – Mammoth Lakes, CA
Convict Lake – Convict Lake, CA
San Gabriel Dam – Azusa, CA
Lake Sherwood – Thousand Oaks, CA
Paramount B (Blue Sky) Tank – Los Angeles, CA
Ventura Farms – Thousand Oaks, CA
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