Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

The Voyage Home was filmed at many locations, mostly in the San Francisco area in California. There are 14 locations noted here, but there are additional shots in and around the San Francisco area. (1) Scenes filmed around San Francisco are: (a) where Kirk almost gets hit by a car ("Well, a double dumbass on you!") was at the corner of Kearney, Pacific Avenue, and Columbus Blvd in downtown, (b) the scene where Kirk and Spock are on their way to sell the spectacles was at the 500 block of Pacific Avenue, Chinatown, (c) the scene where Checkov and Uhura are "looking for nuclear wessels..." was at the intersection of Columbus Blvd & Mason St in North Beach, and (d) the scene where they searched the "Pacific Bell Yellow Pages" was at the intersection of Grant Ave & Fresno St in North Beach. (2) The Cetacean Institute where the humpback whales "George and Gracie" were located, was the Monterey Bay Aquarium located at 886 Cannery Row, Monterey, California. (3) The scenes portraying the invisible Klingon Bird-of-Prey in Golden Gate Park, were actually filmed at Will Rogers State Park, 14253 Sunset Boulevard, Pacific Palisades, California. (4) The planet Vulcan was filmed at the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, 10700 West Escondido Canyon Road, Agua Dulce, California. (5) The USS Ranger CV-61, portraying the USS Enterprise, was located at the United States Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado, San Diego, California. The USS Ranger has since been decommissioned and scrapped, but many tons of it was saved and transferred to the USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas. Coronado was also the location used to film Checkov and Uhura walking along the shoreline towards the aircraft carrier "Enterprise". (6) Marin Headlands. (7) Oakland International Airport, Oakland, California. (8) The scene of Kirk and Spock walking along Marine Drive near Fort Point at the Presidio with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. (9) The Golden Gate Bridge. (10) The scene (Kirk, Spock, Gillian: "You guys like Italian?") was filmed at Marina Green in the Marina District in San Francisco. (11) Underwater photography including the miniature whale models was filmed in a swimming pool at the College of Marin at Indian Valley, Novato, California. (12) The scenes at Plexicorp were filmed at Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. (then Reynolds & Taylor, Inc.), 311 E. Alton Avenue, Santa Ana, California. They have since vacated that location and their headquarters and manufacturing are located in Grand Junction, Colorado. This location is now occupied by BrassTech Machine Shop. (13) The scenes of Kirk and McCoy rescuing Checkov from Mercy Hospital were filmed at the Centinela-Freeman Medical Center, 555 E Hardy Street, Inglewood, California. The medical center has since merged and renamed to Centinela Hospital Medical Center. (14) The final scenes with the Bird-of-Prey in the San Francisco Bay and the main cast jumping into the water was filmed at Paramount Studio's B Tank, a floodable parking lot.

Filming Locations

Marina Green – San Francisco, CA
US Naval Air Station – San Diego, CA
Reynolds Polymer Technology (Plexicorp) – Los Angeles, CA
Indian Valley Campus Pool, College of Marin – Novato, CA
Centinela Hospital Medical Center – Inglewood, CA
Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, CA
Oakland International Airport – Oakland, CA
Marine Drive near Fort Point National Historic Site – San Francisco, CA
Marin Headlands – Marin Co, CA
Will Rogers State Historic Park – Pacific Palisades, CA
Paramount B (Blue Sky) Tank – Los Angeles, CA
Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park – Agua Dulce, CA
Monterey Bay Aquarium – Monterey, CA
Star Trek IV Scenes around San Francisco – San Francisco, CA
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