ENT: S1 E1-2 Broken Bow

This pilot episode as filmed at seven different locations. Four locations were in Malibu: 1) Topenga Beach, 2) City of Malibu for Hoshi Saito's exterior classroom in Brazil (unknown), 3) surrounding area (unknown), and 4) beach scenes at Zuma Beach. The fifth location was a corn field in Bakersfield (unknown) which stood in for Broken Bow with the Klingon Klaang, a Suliban, and farmer Moore. The sixth and seventh locations were the AES Redondo Power Plant and the Hyperion Water Treatment Plant which stood in for buildings on Rigel X.

Filming Locations

Zuma Beach – Malibu, CA
AES Redondo Power Plant – Redondo Beach, CA
Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant – Los Angeles, CA
Topenga Beach – Malibu, CA
Bakersfield, CA
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