Star Dates

  • March 22, 2233
    TOS location: City of Riverside, Iowa USA; TKS location: USS Kelvin

  • March 23, 1967
    In 2017, members of the Klingon fan club Crimson Dawn met with the Timmins, Ontario, Mayor Steve Black. The mayor proclaimed March 23 is Klingon Empire Day, in honor of the first Klingon appearance on television 50 years earlier.

  • March 26, 2021
    Proclamation by the Mayor of Boston

  • April 2151
    The Broken Bow Incident was an event in Human-Klingon history that took place in Broken Bow, Oklahoma on Earth and established relations between Humanity and Klingons, also involving the Suliban. (ENT: "Broken Bow", ENT: "Detained"))

  • April 5, 2063
    First Contact Movie; April 5, 2063; Star date 73726.8; first contact with the Vulcan survey ship T'Plana-Hath after Zefram Cochrane makes the first warp flight in the Phoenix (with Riker and La Forge). The Phoenix was constructed in a missile silo using a Titan II missile as the launch vehicle. (see Titan Missile Museum, Green Valley, Arizona)

  • May 1997
    National Space Day is an American holiday celebrated each year on the first Friday in May. The Lockheed Martin Corporation created National Space Day as a one-off event in 1997, and it was later expanded to International Space Day in 2001 owing to its enormous popularity, after former astronaut and senator John Glenn. Since its inception, National Space Day has become a global STEM event, with celebrations taking place all over the world.

  • May 20, 2366
    City of Bloomington, Indiana

  • June 16, 2370
    star date 47457.1. This is an annual event celebrated aboard the Enterprise. The children are visited by Captain Picard, and they draw pictures of the captain and the ship.

  • July 13, 2305
    La Barre, France

  • September 8, 1966
    First Star Trek episode aired

  • October 4, 1957
    On Oct. 4, 1957, Sputnik 1 successfully launched and entered Earth's orbit. T'Mir was a member of a four-Vulcan crew studying Earth from orbit in 1957, when they witnessed the launch of Sputnik, the planet's first artificial satellite. A mishap with their impulse manifold forces the craft to crash-land in Pennsylvania. (ENT: Carbon Creek)

  • October 11, 2161
    Founding of the United Federation of Planets (UFP); per Star Trek: Generations

  • October 13, 2021
    Blue Origins 18th New Shepard flight.

  • December 9, 2340
    Worf was born on (Earth equivalent) December 9, 2340 on the Klingon homeworld, Qo'noS, as the son of Mogh, patriarch of one of the Klingon Empire 's Great Houses.

  • December 13, 2161
    Starfleet Academy was founded in the year 2161, when the United Federation of Planets was founded. The Academy's motto is "Ex astris, scientia" – "From the stars, knowledge."

  • 2030
    Montana USA; Question: Only a few years away, how many children will be named Zephram Cochran in 2030?

  • 2060
    While the year is known or estimated, the extact date has yet to be revealed.

  • 2332
    New Orleans, Louisiana USA

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