Xenaroswelliana DeltaQuadrant - Ground Beetle
Entomologist Terry L. Erwin described his work cataloging a number of different beetle species. In the process, he happened upon a species of ground beetle that wasn't anything like those he had worked with in the past. There is not much known about this particular species, one of which he decided to call Xenaroswelliana Deltaquadrant because very little is known about that area of space.
The first part of the name derives from Greek roots, but the second pulls from "Voyager," with the Delta Quadrant being the region of the galaxy where the Voyager crew was stranded. Erwin chose the name specifically as a reference to the mysterious "Species 8472" which hails from a parallel, "fluidic" universe. The exact way that this "fluidic" universe works isn't understood in-universe, and it's the confusion that Erwin had in mind when naming the beetle.
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