Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Roller Coaster - Bottrop-Kirchellen, Germany
Movie Park Germany - Warner Allee 1, 46244 Bottrop-Kirchellen
Roller coaster ride to save the enterprise. It has to be done quickly. There is no time to think. Every move has to be perfect, because: There is only one attempt. Enemy Borg trap the U.S.S. Enterprise in their tractor beam. The ship and crew are incapacitated. The bridge of the Enterprise orphaned. The last hope is freshly trained Starfleet cadets who set off in shuttles into the vastness of space. A rescue mission that will be anything but easy. Because in the attack, the protective shields of the Borg ship must be broken through and the main systems destroyed. This is the only way to save the Enterprise Crew. The highest level of concentration is required despite an unbelievable adrenaline rush. This is what it looks like, the new mission in the vastness of space for the guests of the Movie Park Germany.
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