RKO 40 Acres Backlot - Culver City, CA
8556 Higuera St, Culver City, California 90232 USA
RKO Forty Acres was a film studio backlot in the United States, owned by RKO Pictures (and later Desilu Productions), located in Culver City, California. Best known as Forty Acres and "the back forty," it was also called "Desilu Culver," the "RKO backlot," and "Pathé 40 Acre Ranch," depending on which studio owned the property at the time. For nearly 50 years it was known for its outdoor full-scale sets, which included War Sets, Midwestern Town (Main Street), Western Town, Atlanta Street, Chicago Street, and the Arab Village, that were used in many films. The property was a triangular parcel of 28.5 acres (11.5 ha), a few blocks from RKO-Pathe (later Selznick, Desilu-Culver, now "The Culver Studios") which was situated to the west. It was bounded by Higuera Street to the north, West Jefferson Boulevard, Ballona Creek and Culver City Park to the south, and Lucerne Avenue to the west. In 1976 it was razed for redevelopment. Today it is known as the southern expansion of the Hayden Industrial Tract. A number of the buildings in the industrial park have been converted to television studios.

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

TOS: Pilot E1 The Cage
TOS: S1 E12 The Menagerie, Part II
TOS: S1 E21 Return of the Archons
TOS: S1 E26 Errand of Mercy
TOS: S1 E28 City on the Edge of Forever
TOS: S1 E8 Miri
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