Pico House and Olvera Street - Historic Los Angeles, CA
430 N Main St, Los Angeles, California 90012 USA
The Pico House has the distinction of being L.A.’s first three-story building. Though it's no longer a hotel, the stately structure still stands today and is part of the El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Monument. Commissioned by Pio Pico, a former governor of Alta California, and designed by Ezra F. Kysor, the Italianate-style building was considered one of the city’s finest lodgings during its early years and boasted an aviary, courtyard, 21 ballrooms, bathrooms for both sexes on each floor, and a French eatery. The versatile building features four distinct façades - as such, it has been a favorite of location scouts over the years. The neighboring Olvera Street, aka the birthplace of Los Angeles, is a bustling open-air marketplace and popular tourist attraction featuring shops, historic buildings and restaurants. The picturesque piazza is also a popular screen star, having appeared in many productions.
In the Season 5 finale of The Next Generation titled “Time’s Arrow: Part 1,” the historic property and its surroundings masqueraded as 19th century San Francisco. (For “Time’s Arrow: Part 2,” the newly completed New York Street backlot set at Paramount Studios represented San Francisco).

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TNG: S5 E26 Time's Arrow, Part I
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