Paramount Stages - Los Angeles, CA
The Star Trek original series started at the Culvert City Studio, then moved to Desilu stages 9 and 10 at Paramount. Stage 9 housed all Enterprise interiors, and the different alien worlds were built on Stage 10. Stage 10 had a cyclorama set, where planet exteriors could be filmed, using different colored lights to create alien atmospheres. After the Paramount-Desilu merge during the second season, Paramount soundstages, backlots and other facilities became available for the production. Desilu’s sets 9 and 10 were later combined with the adjacent Paramount studios to form Paramount Stage 31 and Paramount Stage 32. These stages are nearest to the North Glower Gate along Leonard Nimoy Street.

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The Studios at Paramount - Los Angeles, CA

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

DS9: S2 E19 Blood Oath
DS9: S6 E16 Change of Heart
ENT: S2 E21 The Breach
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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