Paramount Studio's Office Buildings - Los Angeles, CA
5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90038 USA
Paramount's Office buildings were used for various sets at the Desilu/Paramount studio lot. These locations include the Arzner Building, the Marathon Building, the Schulberg Building, the Lubitsch Building, the Directors' Building, the Producers' Building, the Marlene Dietrich Building, and the Producers' Park. At that time, the Producers' Park was a wide-open space used to stand-in during car scenes and was accessible by automobile. There is, also, a Roddenberry building on the lot.

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The Studios at Paramount - Los Angeles, CA

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

ENT: S4 E15 Affliction
TOS: S2 E21 Patterns of Force
TOS: S2 E25 Bread and Circuses
TOS: S2 E26 Assignment Earth
VOY: S3 E8-9 Futures End, Parts I & II
VOY: S4 E1 Scorpion, Part II
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