Paramount New York City Streets - Los Angeles, CA
5555 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California 90038 USA
The existing New York City backlot is relatively new and has been used to film many episodes. Prior to 1983, the "McFadden Street", "Boston Street", "Windsor Street", and the "European Town" backlots were used for various TOS episodes. On Thursday, August 25, 1983, the Paramount lot was struck by a large fire, destroying most of its standing outdoors sets, including the by then fifty-six-year-old "New York Street" backlot, the European Town backlot, and the McFadden Street and Boston Street backlots. Since then, Paramount has replaced the New York Street backlot that encompasses a 5-acre site and recreates eight distinct areas of the city. In addition, a Chicago section was constructed and resembles common architectural styles found in the Midwest.
See Ex Astris Scientia for location maps.

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The Studios at Paramount - Los Angeles, CA

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

DS9: S3 E11-12 Past Tense, Part I and II
DS9: S4 E11 Homefront
DS9: S6 E14 Far Beyond the Stars
DS9: S7 E2 Shadows and Symbols
ENT: S1 E17 Fusion
ENT: S2 E26 The Expanse
ENT: S3 E11 Carpenter Street
ENT: S4 E1 Storm Front, Part I
ENT: S4 E2 Storm Front, Part II
TNG: S1 E12 The Big Goodbye
TNG: S6 E1 Time's Arrow, Part II
TNG: S7 E23 Emergence
TOS: S2 E17 A Piece of the Action
TOS: S2 E21 Patterns of Force
TOS: S2 E26 Assignment Earth
TOS: S3 E26 All Our Yesterdays
VOY: S2 E5 Non Sequitur
VOY: S5 E23 11:59
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