Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and Japanese Garden - Los Angeles, CA
6100 Woodley Avenue, Van Nuys, California USA
The Donald C. Tillman Water Reclamation Plant was regularly filmed as Star Fleet Academy and Star Fleet Headquarters in the Star Trek series and movies. The site was originally established in 1984 in order to purify wastewater for re-use. Though a seemingly unlikely tourist attraction, the 90-acre property also boasts a stunning 6.5-acre Japanese garden known as SuihoEn, which welcomes over 1,000 visitors each month. The scenic locale was designed by Doctor Koichi Kawana to demonstrate one of the many possible uses of reclaimed water and features a teahouse, waterfalls, streams, a Zen garden, a Chisen garden, and a tea garden.
The plant’s concrete postmodern administration building, designed by Anthony J. Lumsden, stands as a sharp, but picturesque contrast to the serene grounds. It is this building that was regularly featured as Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Command. Though CGI and matte paintings were typically employed to make the structure appear taller and to add the Golden Gate Bridge into its background, it is still quite recognizable from its countless Star Trek appearances.
You can view the building by visiting the Japanese Garden. The property is open Sunday through Thursday and admission is $5 per person. Please be aware of the Garden Etiquette policy. This policy does not allow for any photography that is posed (e.g., no family pictures, selfies, etc.), AND does not allow wearing costumes during the visit. So, if your intention is to visit the Garden in your Star Fleet uniform and snap a photo, you will not be allowed to do so. Also, visit the Garden Experience site to learn about temporary closures of any part of the garden.

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

DS9: S4 E11 Homefront
DS9: S4 E12 Paradise Lost
TNG: S1 E8 Justice
TNG: S5 E19 The First Duty
VOY: S1 E4 Time and Again
VOY: S5 E4 In the Flesh
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