Malibu Creek State Park - Malibu, CA
1925 Las Virgenes Road, Calabasas, California 91302
Fourteen-mile Malibu Creek is the principal watercourse of the Santa Monica Mountains that ends at Malibu Lagoon. . There are 15 miles of streamside trail through oak and sycamore woodlands on chaparral-covered slopes. Following the trail along Malibu Creek, the visitor will be treated to spectacular vistas, including volcanic rock gorges, scenic pools, and breathtaking views of the Las Virgenes Valley and Malibu Canyon.
Previous to being opened to the public in 1976, the park was used extensively to film numerous movies and TV shows, such as Planet of the Apes and M*A*S*H. Most of the park’s land holdings were acquired from 20th Century Fox, which purchased the former Crags Country Club for on-location film and television filming. The original Planet of the Apes movie and the beloved M*A*S*H TV show were among dozens or perhaps hundreds of productions filmed here continuing to this day.

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DS9: S6 E24 Time's Orphan
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