Griffith Observatory - Los Angeles, CA
2800 E Observatory Ave, Los Angeles, California 90027 USA
The Griffith Observatory is perched 1,134 feet above sea level in Griffith Park. The three-domed structure was originally designed in 1935 by architects Frederick M. Ashley and John C. Austin and boasts a plethora of attractions, including a Foucault pendulum, a Zeiss refracting telescope, a triple beam solar telescope, a Tesla coil, and a planetarium. In addition, it is the location of the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon, a 190-seat presentation theatre that was largely funded by the late actor and his wife, Susan Bay-Nimoy, was added to the site in 2006. The space features regular showings of The Once and Future Griffith Observatory, a 24-minute film narrated by Nimoy. It also hosts live performances and demonstrations and serves as a classroom.
In the Season 3 episode of Voyager titled “Future’s End: Part 1,” astronomer Rain Robinson (Sarah Silverman) works at the observatory, which plays itself.
The Griffith Observatory, which welcomes more than 2 million visitors each year, is open Tuesday through Sunday. Admission to the building and its surrounding grounds, which offer stunning views of L.A., is free and no reservations are required. Tickets to the various planetarium performances can be purchased onsite.

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Griffith Park and Observatory - Los Angeles, CA

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VOY: S3 E8-9 Futures End, Parts I & II
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