Fireman's Fund Building - Novato, CA
777 San Marin Dr, Novato, California 94998 USA
The site of this building was used for the Star Trek movie “The Undiscovered Country”. External shots, images used for the matte painting, including the foreground terrace and the lake of Camp Khitomer, were filmed at the Fireman's Fund Building. This office location has been permanently closed, has been sold, and is scheduled for redevelopment. The building is intact and vacant, and there is a security presence. There is a proposal to redevelop the former Fireman’s Fund office campus as a master planned residential community featuring 1,081 residential units on 36-acres of the 65-acre property, including senior housing, multi-family dwellings (apartments and townhomes), and single-family dwellings. The photos of the site were taken in December 2023.

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Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
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