Desilu Culver Studios - Culver City, CA
9336 Washington Blvd, Culver City, California 90232 USA
At the Desilu Culver City facilities, episodes were filmed using stages 15-17. This facility also had a backlot called the 40 Acres. This backlot contained an area called the Arab Village and another area where the town of Mayberry was constructed for The Andy Griffith Show. Both areas were used to film episodes. The Culver City soundstages dated back to Gone with the Wind (1939) and were seldom maintained. The producers quickly deemed the stages to be unusable. Since the producers also wanted to keep an eye on the show, and once the show made it to the series, they quickly moved the production to Desilu’s main studio lot at Gower Street, Hollywood.

Series: Season Episodes Filmed Here

TOS: Pilot E1 The Cage
TOS: Pilot E2 Where No Man Has Gone Before
TOS: S1 E12 The Menagerie, Part II
TOS: S1 E21 Return of the Archons
TOS: S1 E26 Errand of Mercy
TOS: S1 E28 City on the Edge of Forever
TOS: S1 E8 Miri
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