Crest Forest Fire Station - Crestline, CA
23003 Waters Dr, Crestline, California 92325 USA
The Crest Forest Fire Protection District Station 5 was located in Crestline, CA. It provided fire protection and emergency response services to the Crestline community. This Department was annexed by the San Bernardino County Fire Department on July 13, 2013. All apparatus was transferred to SBCoF and the stations are now part of SBCoF Mountain Division.
This station was listed as defunct as of 2013. Other locations along Waters Drive are: 23026 Waters Drive [Johnnies Market], 22960 Waters Drive [Pine Tree Bar and Grill], and 22947 Waters Drive [Vulcan's Apartment].] All location shots were filmed near San Bernardino and backup shots were filmed at the Paramount backlot (location unknown).

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Valley of Enchantment Locations - Crestline, CA

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ENT: S2 E2 Carbon Creek
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