Ahmanson Ranch - Ventura, CA
Western end of, Victory Blvd, Woodland Hills, California 91367 USA
Ahmanson Ranch is a beautiful property of rolling grasslands studded with many oak trees. It is a large open space nature preserve owned and operated by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy spanning nearly 3,000 acres in the Simi Hills of Los Angeles County. The Ahmanson Ranch was owned by the Howard F. Ahmanson, Sr., and his H.F. Ahmanson and Company, which, in turn, owned Home Savings of America, (what was then the largest savings and loan remaining in the U.S.) before it was purchased by the Washington Mutual Bank in 19981. Originally part of Ahmanson Ranch, this area was sold by Seattle-based Washington Mutual to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in late 2003 after lengthy issues concerning development in the chaparral shrub forest and oak savanna understory and overstory Plant communities. It was previously called Ahmanson Ranch Park.

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