About Us

Star Trek was a series that aired for three seasons in the 1960’s. Since that time, this series has become a worldwide phenomenon. Star Trek characters, themes, ideals, and technology have become so embedded in American culture that they can be found everywhere. We have integrated the concepts of the series into our daily lives and watched those concepts grow and mature over the decades. Who doesn’t know “beam me up, Scotty”, or the characters of Spock and Kirk, or the starship Enterprise?

In a world filled with dystopian predictions in film, literature, and world events, Star Trek remains a beacon of the utopia that can be achieved. We have ideals to look toward as guideposts to our future selves. We have already begun to develop and integrate the science and technology of Trek into our daily lives as we begin to explore the stars.

At Inspired by Trek, we love meeting people whose lives, loves, ideals, creations, and play are inspired by Star Trek. As I travel, I find Trek in the most unexpected places. The goal of this website is to provide a portal to the creations and work done by others to express their Trek and provide a roadmap to visit them yourself. In everything, we are Trek!

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